The Guest

Arc, Stockton & Arts Centre Washington 
18th -20th October 2012 

Andy Oliver
David Hey 
Angie Cape-Brown 

Creative Team 
Scott Young 
Simon Cole 
James Gardiner 
Katy Weir 

This is a kitchen-sink drama with a nasty secret and a devil-like charmer right at it’s centre.

Think of those classic 1950s and 1960s British working-class films like A Taste of Honey, Saturday Night Sunday Morning with their small, drab rooms bursting with human passion and you get an idea of the feel.

In fact, the play is set in a small, half-decorated, impoverished kitchen and is about relationships in a family with no money. But the kitchen-sink, Love on the Dole inspiration only tells you half the story. It’s more like Dracula has accidentally found himself in Coronation Street and decided to cause mayhem. Young couple Chris and his pregnant wife, Dawn, are on the dole, but both want more. It’s a desperate situation until a sharp-suited stranger, the guest, offers Chris a well-paid job. What that job entails is the secret at the heart of the play.

Photo Credit: c/o OddManOut