Tracks Darlington

A compilation of local musical artists curated by Tracks for ODDMANOUT Theatre as part of their “It’s All Happening Here” initiative, a project celebrating the creativity and community of Darlington, all made possible with support from Arts Council England and Creative Darlington. 

1. Jodie Nicholson – Home 
Commissioned especially for this project, local emerging talent Jodie Nicholson has written a captivating expression of how it feels to be at home. Let this track wrap you in a warm blanket of flowing guitars and rich ethereal vocals. 

2. Llovers – Feeling Sound 
As seen performing at BBC Radio One’s Big Weekend, Darlington’s premier dream pop darlings present gleaming guitars and shimmering synths in Feeling Sound, a carefree indie banger filled with feel-good fragrance. 

3. Shakk – Butterfly Trees 
One of the finest local wordsmiths brings a powerful piece of poetry, delivered in his trademark instant classic style. Featuring humbling hooks from Jack Craggs, Butterfly Trees asks us to look around and appreciate what we have, instead of wanting for the things we don’t. 

4. Chris Davison – Rise Above 
Darlo music legend Chris Davison brings a tale of yin and yang, of rising to the occasion and the endless cycle of losing and finding faith, told with progressive production, voluminous vocals, and gut wrenching grooves. 

5. Alex Fawcett – The Real Hero 
A well known figure in the Darlington music scene, Alex Fawcett rocks out an ode to the working class heritage of the town. His grandparents worked in the factories and steel works back in the day, and this song speaks of the graft their generation and those who follow go through to support their families. 

6. Jamie Farrell – Breathe Fire 
Jamie’s everyman brand of blues rock brings conversational storytelling and bold guitar lines together with cutting edge charisma, delivered with rip-roaring vocal power and tenacity. 

7. The Skapones – When It’s Gone It’s Gone 
Original ska music from our town, soaring to the top of the iTunes reggae charts and playing to sold out crowds across the pond in America. The Skapones bring boisterous brass and ecstatic energy to every stage they storm. 

8. The Deadseat – Yes Indeed 
Bittersweet, foot stomping gospel blues from Darlington’s quizzacious quartet. Grab a dram of the good stuff and transport yourself to another time filled with hooliganry and heartbreak. 

9. Weekend Sun – Le Train Rouge 
Tasty riffs, hypnotic rhythms and mellow soul grooves from the town’s hotly tipped masters of funk. 

10. The Black Sheep Frederick Dickens – Privilege 
Darlo’s debonair darkwave duo delight you with their curiosities inspired by a forgotten brother of Charles Dickens who now rests in our town. “Privilege” speaks of the juxtaposition of rich and poor, the struggles of those with less, and the ignorance of those with more – an ever relevant portrayal of our times. 

11. Endem – Anarchy Is Religion 
A rare soulful outing for the braggadocious barsmith, Anarchy Is Religion speaks of working hard to achieve your goals, leaving behind whatever drags you down, and spending time with those who support your vision. 

12. Hayley Mckay – One 
A spine tingling piece of pop from a successful local singer/songwriter whose effortless vocals soar above lustrous pianos and twinkling mandolins, lost in a world of diaphanous strings. 

13. Phil Cox – New Dawn 
Phil imagines how George Stephenson might have felt when stepping into a new world changed by his revolutionary invention, and more deeply explores how any of us might feel when entering a fresh chapter of our lives. 

14. Martin Pybus – William McMullen 
A heartwarming retelling of a story more should know, that of William McMullen’s sacrifice to save the townspeople and his crew from a burning plane, steering wide and taking himself with it. With a road now in his name, it’s the story of a modern hero, and a part of our town’s history. 

15. Zarahruth – Settled 
A full-on piano ballad love letter to Darlington. In this specially commissioned song, Zarahruth is unashamedly sentimental about how it feels to be welcomed into Darlington’s community, and to find a place where she has put down roots. 


The album is available to stream here for free, or you can purchase it as a download to support the artists and organisations involved. 
All songs belong to their respective rightsholders. 
Cover photography by Rob Irish.  

released November 5, 2020

all rights reserved