Our Place

What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.

by William Henry Davies 

Our Place was a participatory project which brought together a diverse group of Darlington residents, of all ages and backgrounds and invited them to make meaningful connections to the place in which they lived. During the first lockdown, many of us found our world shrinking; daily life becoming at once terrifying and mundane. I hoped to give participants a way to safely stimulate their minds and bodies during this strange time.

Over a period of four weeks, during the height of the pandemic, participants engaged in a series of creative tasks (links below) and online workshops. Their responses were varied, surprising, touching and illuminating. They used written word, visual imagery, music and performance to capture their responses to the following themes: ‘routes/root through the landscape’, ‘stimulating the senses’, ‘encounters’ and ‘Beyond/Behind/Beneath/Above’. The richness of this project came from the interactions between participants in our workshops.

We are living in uncertain times but connecting to ‘our place’ must surely be one way we can feel anchored. You are welcome to explore the creative tasks from ‘Our Place’. They might provide a small piece of inspiration.

WEEK 1 Download pdf

WEEK 2 Download pdf

WEEK 3 Download pdf

WEEK 4 Download pdf


People Watching by Bethanie Pullman – PowerPoint or pdf version