Katie Doherty

Darlingtown is an anthem for Darlington, its charms, quirks and oddities as relayed to me by the people who live here, have grown here or moved here and settled. I am a singer songwriter who has roots in the Folk Tradition but these days I sing less of the Traditional material and work more as a field researcher, listening to peoples stories, the way they tell them, the golden nuggets of their truth and making songs out of it. 

The information gathered for Darlingtown came a little like a train, picked up in the form of questionnaire answers about favourite places I had never heard of. Wonky broadband connections which meant that I got snippets of this and that from someone and reems of description from others like a map, recited. Apart from the obvious railway connections I think this method in the madness of 2020 is what drives the song like a train. Darlington is moving forward, no matter what people think about that. 

I come from Teesside so I know a little of Darlington. My mum always said it was posh. It was where people I knew went to look for a wedding dress. I live in rural County Durham now and my work takes me across the whole of the North East and I am particularly fond of finding out the stories of places I think I know. You can travel but a few streets down and the story will be different and told in a different way. There is so much Pride in our places. 

The song is unlike anything I have written before in its sound and its style. But Darlington is so much in a relatively small space which people tend to pass through, whizz past, steam along and I hope that this is captured in some way.