From there to you, from here to me

by Scott Young 
Northern Stage
, Newcastle
April 16th 2016

Christina Berriman-Dawson 
Jackie Lye-Keown

Creative Team 
Katy Weir
Scott Young 
Andy Berriman 
Jennifer Glazebrook 

Can you ever know someone for certain? What if that someone is your own parent or child? What changes when the history we understand is suddenly turned on its head?

It’s about motherhood and identity, it’s about learning who you are and taking control of that. It’s about the way we construct meaning to our lives through self discovery and understanding The idea of what reality is, the idea of there being such a thing as a ‘truth’.‘From there to you, from here to me’ questions the idea of identity and asks What if you’re not who you thought? Something other than yourself? What it is that makes us who we are?

Featured image credit: Scott Young