by Steve Byron 
ODDMANOUT, The Worriers and Alphabetti Theatre
Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle 
7 to 18 May 2019

Steve Byron 
Malcolm Shields 
Micky Cochrane 
Cheryl Dixon 
Jacqueline Phillips

Katy Weir 
Rachel Glover
Matthew Tuckey 
Molly Barrett

If enough people walk over a floorboard, one day it will crack.

Written by Steve Byron, writer of Walter and co-writer of recent success Bacon Knees and Sausage FingersFloorboards explores those who walk over others and those who are walked over. Those that have a big voice and little to say and those who have so much to say but little or no voice to say it with. Those that push buttons and those whose buttons are pushed. A new play about how far someone is willing to be pushed before they break… are pushed.

Featured Image Credit: Lauren Stone