Encountering the Other

by ODDMANOUT and The Market Theatre Laboratory Company 
Saturday 14th October 2017 – Ramolao Makhene Theatre, Johannesburg 
Monday 27th November 2017 – Darlington Hippodrome  

Katie Powell 
Brogan Gilbert
Ncumisa McNdimeni 
Rebecca Graham 
Twiggy Matintela
Leah Mains
Alanna Wilson 
Charlotte Grey 
Sinenhlanhla Prince Mgeyi 
Matthews Rantsoma 
Boikobo Masibi
Justin Darlington Khoza  


Creative Team
Katy Weir  
Clara Vaughan    
Scott Young 
Jaques De Silva

When I grow up I want to be sexualised, objectified, made to feel wrong, ignored, used, abused and belittled. I want to be defined by the colour of my skin, the size of my tits or the use of a tampon, my hair, my muscles and what I’m packing in my toolbox. I want to be looked at and touched without asking, I want to be made to feel uncomfortable just for saying no, I want to be expected to be something I’m not, expected to change for you, expected to go with the flow and let it happen without speaking up.

‘An incredible production! Entertaining, engaging, inspiring, challenging and it succeeds at every level to raise our consciousness by making us want to be in a theatre. 

Apart from its outstanding production values the production is an excellent model of how the internet can bring artists together to discover, share and engage with our common humanity despite the geographical, political, historical and other divides. 

Hats off to everyone in the production; and to the funders for their vision to support such a dynamic cultural and creative exchange’


‘Encountering the Other’ is a passionate, riotous and often hilarious examination of just what womanhood in 2017 means. A collection of voices, stories and experiences of young women and men living across two hemispheres. Brought together through a fusion of music, dance, comedy, colour and the internet, as they try and make sense of themselves, each other and a world where everything often feels upside down and back to front.

A collectively created production performed by young people from South Africa and the North East England, it is the culmination of an exciting new international collaboration between two dynamic theatre companies from across the world, The Market Theatre Laboratory, Johannesburg and Darlington based new-writing theatre company, ODDMANOUT.

Featured Image Credit: Scott Akoz