Chilli Sauce

by ODDMANOUT and the company and with thanks to our town and those we talked to.
30th June 2017 – The Quaker Meeting
 House, Darlington
21st July 2017– The Phoenix Theatre, Bordon

Karen Smith 
Steve Byron 
Stacey Sampson 
Craig Talbot 
Zoe Lambert
Chris Connel

Graham Rispin
Laura Morrison
Scott Young
Katy Weir
Andy Berriman

Come along to George’s kebab van, pull up a seat, grab a kebab and watch the stories unfold…

There will be tales of love, politics, prejudice, and a whole lot of doner meat (vegetarian option available). 

With words and music, let’s not worry about the bad but celebrate the good, let’s acknowledge our faults and celebrate our strengths, and let’s leave our past behind and celebrate our future!

We live in troubled times, let’s see what happens both behind and in front of the counter when the kebab unites a community!

Thank you to Rob Allerston, the director of The Phoenix Theatre, Bordon, Producer Richard KIngdom, and everyone who joined us both ends of the country.

Featured Image Credit: Gareth Liddle