by ODDMANOUT and the Community Company
Darlington Hippodrome 
2nd to 4th February 2018 

Creative Team
Scott Young
Katy Weir
Hannah Sibai
Andy Berriman

A new, immersive piece of theatre exploring the newly renovated Darlington Hippodrome, full of amazing people, told by the very characters that have walked the boards throughout the history of Darlington’s impressive and beautiful theatre.

Created in partnership with Darlington Hippodrome and performed by the amazing community company ,who were behind the 2017 production of A Tale of Two CitiesAnywhere will take you through the many doors and corridors to discover the secrets the building has to offer. You will meet the characters that shaped the history and future of the Hippodrome, including Signor Pepi and a platoon of perilous performers who will be your guides, your friends, your entertainers. See what goes on in front of and behind the red curtain and celebrate all that Darlington Hippodrome has to offer…

Featured Image Credit: c/o Darlington Hippodrome