Stories from the heart that connect us all… 

ODDMANOUT is a new-works theatre company based in Darlington in the North- East of England. After training together on the Interact Theatre Training Ensemble, Katy Weir and Scott Young set up the company in response to a growing need for a producing new-works company in Darlington, to work across the Tees Valley and beyond. With a strong focus on social impact and cultural change, through participation and performance, ODDMANOUT exists to create and connect in the face adversity and isolation. 

We are driven by honest stories and artistic visions that can provide a platform for our communities to share, communicate, and create a space for their voices on the stage. We make theatre that is daring, innovative, and both politically and socially aware. We want to dismantle form and structure in order to play, progress, and produce… And by simply asking and exploring, work out how we might come together to make the world a little bit better. After all, To be truly universal, you also have to be local” (Jean Miro). 

Photo Credit: Scott Akoz

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